About ME

Photo credit and thank you to  Kasia Kowalska

Photo credit and thank you to Kasia Kowalska


Hi! I am Kristina.

In my artwork I always strive to deliver my story without words. When I draw, using my imagination makes me happy.

Self-expression is one of the most important things in life for me. The never-ending internal dialogue and the conflict within one’s self was always a fascinating topic. I love to imagine what might happen to my characters, and sometimes I get lost in their inner worlds. It is a kind of meditation for me.

I am very fond of music and poetry for its spiritual depth and beauty, of cinema for its ability to tell stories in a visual way, and of dance as it does not need words to share emotions and experiences.

Here’s how it all began:

My dad's love of music influenced my life. As a child he took me to music school where I learned to play piano and sing in a choir. For eight years, almost every day of my life was filled with music.

From early childhood, I also watched my mother create beautiful costumes for theater, ballet, gymnasts and figure skaters. I developed a deep love for needlework and its creative process. I was 6 years old when I sewed my first collar on my dress. In a couple of years I handmade my first stuffed toy, which made me feel very happy.

As a teenager I wrote some poetry, like many young people in my age group.

By my mid-twenties, I became very keen on cinema. I watched a lot of different movies, read scripts, and tried not to miss anything. I went to Q&A with the directors and read tons of literature related to cinema. It made me understand how complex human stories could be.

In my late twenties I became inspired by modern dance. In order to get to know it better, I started taking contemporary dance classes. Dance helped me understand my emotions and feelings better.
During that period I also grew interested in photography. I took photography classes, learning about composition, how to use different cameras and lenses, how to set up light and many, many other things. That creative and inspiring time had a great impact on me. 

A few years later I came to San Francisco. I had an extraordinary opportunity to get closer to my beloved art of cinema. Through an entire year, I studied the art of cinema, its history, and the filmmaking process from the beginning to the end. At that time, I met a lot of people who were obsessed with their creative work and it inspired me more.

After moving to New York, I started taking painting classes. I was fascinated to learn how to work with light and shadow and how they interact with the form. In the art studio, I met very talented artists who passed on to me their experience with great joy and enthusiasm. At that time I started to realize that drawing is my passion. It helps me to express myself.

Devotion to the work I love is the key element for me to be happy. Krixy is my next chapter.